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I believe there so many ways of delivering your message and to write is just one of them.

To me, writing is the most responsible way of telling people what I think about something. I can re-think and re-write one sentence over and over again until I can be so sure that it is valid, verifiable, and justifiable. I can put as many resources as I want to appreciate those who came up with such idea long before I exist.

To me, writing, unlike speaking, can avoid the noise of intonation, facial expression, and gestures that might shade the real issues away. Writing, as it gives more time and space for my audience to scrutinize my message, helps me to consider very wisely before make up my stance or make any conclusion regarding issues I discuss.

To write is to know and understand yourself deeper.

To write is to explore what your mind can do and how far your imagination can go.

To write is to set your soul free.

To write is to create something beyond matters.

To write is to create your cause a body that will never rot.

Writing moves you beyond matters thus the physical world will never limit you.

Always remember that discursive space is indeed one of the foremost arenas of power contestation.

Sharing is caring!

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